The first Panfili and Friends album

Explore the wild combination of classical and folklore, tamed by 6 international musicians, united with the purpose to create beautiful music

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8 musical styles

This album is a bold combination between the complexity of classical music and the emotional intensity of folklore.

6 professional musicians

We were scattered throught the world, just to meet in the Imperial City, Vienna. This is where we live and create our music.

3 years of work

Making this album took us over 3 years. We want to transfer all this work into a final product, which everyone can enjoy.

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Meet the band


Rusanda Panfili


With the willpower of starlight and the magnetism of mother Earth, Rusanda is the bond between Panfili&Friends, channeling the energy of these unique artists into this cosmic project. She started playing the violin at 6 and by the time she was 12, she was already studying in the Vienna Conservatory and afterwards, at the Vienna Music University. Rusanda’s interpretation of classical pieces by Ravel, Paganini, Brahms of Bartok awarded her 30 international awards and prizes, mainly for the position of soloist. Lately, she is performing internationally, as a center stage violinist in the Hans Zimmer Live and World of Hans Zimmer tours.

Teodora Miteva


The balkan force of nature, delivering a sound filled with sparks and fire, Teodora Miteva is a decorated international artist, who won numerous classical music competitions and scholarships. Chamber music, crossover genres and film soundtrack have been her areas of focus in the last years, while her favourite music style is the Argentinian tango. Teodora and Rusanda have been playing together for 15 years, since they met during their studies at the University of Music in Vienna.

Alfredo Ovalles


An encyclopaedia of music and art, constantly amid a creative breakthrough, the bold and sensible Alfredo Ovalles is a master pianist of many styles. His passion for the 88 keys was triggered after seeing a performance by the legendary rock band Queen. This passion gave birth to his personal eclectic style – a sophisticated blending of Venezuelan sensibility and Austrian precision. Alfredo and Rusanda met during their Masters studies at the Music University of Vienna, both of the showing great affinity for Enescu’s 3rd sonata.

Sasa Nikolic


A man of great sensitivity, talent and character, Sasa Nikolic is the core drummer for many important Austrian projects. Since he moved to Vienna, 25 years ago, to complete his jazz studies, his tempo was used in many diverse styles such as jazz, folk, rock, contemporary and pop music, making him a priceless musical gem. His acoustic love pushed him into pedagogy and since 2006, he taught over 80 students of all ages. Sasa and Rusanda met 4 years ago, at a charity concert for “Live Music Now”, musical program founded by the genius violinist Yehudi Menuhin.

Christian Bakanic


The maestro of melody and the sultan of jazz, folk and contemporary rhythms, Christian Bakanic is a force of nature. He started his career as a musical prodigy and in time became on of the most sought after accordionists in Austria. He is also a gifted composer, whose tunes are being performed all over the World, and he constantly tours a tango program, solo, or with his own group “Trio Infernal”. Christian and Rusanda met a few years ago, when they performed with the universal band “Scurdia”.

Jonas Skielboe


An academic prodigy, who graduated from 4 music universities in Europe, Jonas Skielboe is a calculated great Dane, with an affinity for jazz, flamenco and rock guitar. His musical endeavours span from playing in rock bands and musical duos, to entrepreneurship, through his newly founded company, Velo Concerts, an innovative mobile stage concept. Jonas and Rusanda met 6 years ago, during the “Evmelia” festival in Greece.

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